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The Gallery of BC Ceramics was established in 1986 with the vision of elevating the profile of contemporary ceramic arts. We are dedicated to supporting ceramic artists and enhancing public

awareness of ceramic arts.


The Gallery of BC Ceramics is owned and operated by the Potters Guild of British Columbia (PGBC). Click here for more information on the PGBC.

We are exclusively dedicated to ceramic arts, and are proud to provide a venue for emerging, mid-career and established ceramic artists to find their market and sustain a livelihood.


The Gallery is located on beautiful Granville Island, in Vancouver BC.


Manager: Carita Ho

Assistant Manager: Melissa Pipe

Staff: Myles Seto-Chiarella, Gina Verster, Hee Jun Ahn and April Thompson


PGBC President, Board Chair: Laura Carey

Secretary: Heather Lippold

Membership: David Robinson

Interim Treasurer: Nathan Lorch


Exchange Policy

The Gallery does not issue refunds. Exchanges are welcome. Each receipt indicates the timeline for exchanges from the date of purchase. If the customer wants to exchange an item but no suitable replacement is available at the time of exchange, a Credit Note will be issued (valid for one year from date of exchange). Gift Receipts are available.


All Ceramics Available in the Gallery are Foodsafe, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe unless otherwise

marked. All functional pieces (mugs, bowls, plates etc.) are safe for serving food, and are also dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. There are rare exceptions, and these pieces are clearly marked.

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