Lucy Cotter

Lucy Cotter is an emerging ceramic artist, originally from Melbourne and now making her home in Vancouver, after living for different durations in London, Toulouse, Noumea, Montreal & other fabulous places.

Lucy is enjoying spending more and more time on ceramic art projects, which often incorporate her engineering skills.

Lucy’s current ceramic work explores functional and sculptural pieces, incorporating movement into form and decoration.

Instgram: @lucycotterpottery

Liz De Beer

As a potter I have always been intrigued by natural products and processes.  Growing up on a farm in Africa I was surrounded by nature, an inspirational source of wonderful design elements, often reflected in tribal African art which I dearly love.  I use the technique of sgraffito on many of my functional pieces as it allows me to produce imagery reminiscent of the lino- and woodcut prints that one would find in Africa. I fire at cone 6 using contrasting slips to enhance the graphic images.My dad used to bring home porcupine quills that he found in the fields on the farm. The use of quills as crowns on some of my innovative work is a personal reference and tribute to those early years.   After 20 years on the West Coast of Canada I believe my work has developed into a fusion reflecting both African and West Coast sentiments

Facebook: : Liz De Beer

Elaine Futterman

Born: March 13, 1947, Los Angeles, California

Graduated: University of California Berkeley, 1969, BSc.

Immigrated to Canada 1969

Pottery Education:  Courses at Douglas College, Capilano College, University of California Santa Cruz, Metchosin International School of the Arts.

Numerous Workshops including those by Gorden Hutchens, Cathy Jefferson, Robin Hopper, Walter Dexter, Reid Ozaki, Fred Owen and Nancy Starr



2017  Heat Changes Everything: A Group Show of 10 Sunshine Coast Potters;

          Gibsons, B.C.

2013    Gibsons Public Art Gallery Invitational

2009, 2011, 2012, 2013   Ceramics on the Edge,  Sunshine Coast Art Council Gallery

2010   Featured Artist,  Gallery of B.C. Ceramics

2009   Come to Dinner,  Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Gibsons, B.C.

2004   Out of the Kiln,  Sunshine Coast Art Council Gallery

2002   Place Settings,  Gallery of B.C. Ceramics, Granville Island, B.C.

1992   Summer Invitational Show, Sunshine Coast Arts Council, Sechelt, B.C.


1990 - present:  Owner of Creek Clayworks Gallery  & Studio

Amy Gogarty

Amy Gogarty is an educator, artist and writer specializing in issues relating to contemporary art and craft. She taught visual arts history, ceramics history and contemporary theory at the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary prior to relocating to Vancouver to devote time to her studio and writing practice. She has exhibited her paintings across Canada and contributed over 100 critical essays and papers to journals and symposia in Canada and abroad. Since 2008, she has served on the board of the North-West Ceramics Foundation. Her current practice brings together painting and ceramics. Making connections between space depicted and space contained, she takes her pots out to city parks and the surrounding countryside to paint plein air. She responds to the intricacy and beauty of the natural world, attempting to convey a sort of mindfulness with her work.

Sandy Harquail

Throughout my life I have been fascinated by the design process. I use clay like a seamstress uses fabric, cutting patterns with curves and angles to change the shape and form. I envision my pots as pieces of architecture, striving to create stable structures out of the pliable material. Each time as the clay is transformed from lifeless slabs to voluminous forms there is an excitement I find nowhere else. I began my exploration of ceramics in high school in an independent study program. Through this program I discovered a love of clay that led me to pursue my Bachelors of Fine Arts at Eastern Michigan University. 

Instagram: @sandyharquail

Ursula Johannson

Art, especially pottery, has been a constant in my life...from art school to skipping classes in university in favour of the "pottery lab," to garden design, and back to pottery. My most recent work as a landscape designer has transitioned into full-time potting with the Aberthau Potters. It all runs together and feeds my creative spirit. 

I've fed that creativity at Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts, at the Shadbolt Centre (with its myriad of firing facilities) and at the Aberthau studio and its workshops. High firing with soda is my firing of choice.

Teena Martin

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...My ceramics are handmade in Burnaby, British Columbia.

I endeavor to balance the usefulness of my designs and art.  I am interested in reaching beyond the confines of the dining ritual and the utilitarian function of serving food to creating beautiful ceramic art designs.  By designing functional art, I seek to direct the eye, hand and mouth to treat food differently.

My obsession with creating functional sculptures has lead me on new adventures and experiences.  Combining ocean inspirations and light created the desire to construct beautiful working sculptures that light up any room in a  dwelling.  Staying within my interests of designing functional art, I continue to offer  you the opportunity to treat 3 dimensional sculpture differently. 

Instagram: @teenamartinart


Kelly McQuhae

Kelly lives in the beautiful Fraser Valley over looking corn fields in the summer. Her studio is in her home, where she makes both wheel thrown and hand built items to be enjoyed. She attended pottery classes at Rainforest Pottery in Yarrow for 10 years until 2014. Shadbolt, four 8  week sessions also in that 10 year span, of specific types of throwing instruction and cone 10 glaze firings.  In the last 6 years every year, attended Missa learning different techniques of pottery with world renowned potters.

Deb Olsen

Debra Olsen was born in the Canadian Prairies, has wandered in the Rockies, played in the Pacific and roamed the Maritime Provinces. In her travels, Olsen has encountered breathtaking beauty which she has attempted to infuse into her clay forms and their surfaces. She wants her art to go home with you and share in the everyday joys and sorrows of life itself.


In the spring of 2015, Olsen earned, with honours, a Diploma in Fine Craft: Ceramics from NBCCD in Fredericton, NB. She received scholarships from both the BC Arts Council and the Chilliwack Arts Council. The NB Arts Board awarded her The Charlotte Glenncross Scholarship for Excellence in Design.


Presently, Olsen can be found in the heart of the Fraser Valley working in Raku and ^6 oxidation.

Maria Palotas

Maria Palotas, born in Budapest Hungary, developed an interest in the arts at the youthful age of 12. In 1980 Maria opened her own studio. Maria’s art spans functional to unique. Her works adorn homes and offices throughout Europe, The United States and Canada.


Maria moved to Canada in 1988 and to British Columbia in 1999. For more information visit


Pottery is a multi faceted art. Its 3 dimensional expression allows me to bridge from functional form to sculpted creation. For the past 4 decades pottery, arts and craft making have allowed me to integrate drawing, painting and sculpting with my artistic vision of form and colour.


To make artistic and craft pieces is my life and my passion both to practice and to share with others.

Phyllis Schwartz

I am a Vancouver based ceramics artist who explores glaze materials and effects in sculptural and functional forms. I am a graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and the project editor of Seeking the Nuance: Glaze Experiments from the Ceramic Studios at UBC, a collaboration with Glenn Lewis and Debra Sloan. As an Artist-in-Residence with ArtStarts and the Vancouver School Board, based at Tupper Secondary School, I have developed a series of glazes that support students of all ages to discover the potential of surface design. In other residencies, students and colleagues push their artistic boundaries and the limits of their imagination. My work is in public, corporate and private collections as well as auctioned at galas and fundraisers. Recent exhibitions include Art4Life (Port Moody Art Centre), Interior Design Show West and In the Palm of a Hand: BC to Japan Touring Exhibition.

Faro Annie Sullivan

My first real creative passion was writing. I always thought I would be a writer, a poet, and began publishing poetry in Canadian literary magazines while still in high school. I attended the University of Victoria in the Creative Writing Program, from 1993-1995. I then decided to try something different, and moved to St. John's, Newfoundland.

My career as a studio-potter began rather unexpectedly in 1996, under my first mentor Isabella St. John of Blue Moon Pottery in St. John's. After completing a bachelor's degree in Folklore from Memorial University of Newfoundland, I returned to Victoria BC in 1998. I soon found work with Diane Searle, and was able to use her studio space in return for slip-casting for her.

Winnie Tam

Winnie Tam was born in  Hong  Kong, and came to Canada in the early 70's. She received her undergraduate degrees ( B.A. , B.Ed. )  in Philosophy, and Art Education respectively from University of Alberta, Edmonton, and McGill University, Montreal. She also obtained  a graduate diploma  in Vocational Education from McGill University.

In 1988, Winnie decided to become a professional  artist , and  started her own line of unique handcrafted porcelain jewelry . Her work had been shown in The Museum of Civilization and The George Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts, as well as many museum gift shops , art galleries , boutiques, and gift shops across Canada.

Susan C. Whitham

Artistic expression has always been a saving grace and a driving force in her life. Susan has worked with clay since the age of 5, benefiting from art classes and formal education, culminating in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of Oregon in 1983. Clay has been a longstanding favorite, for its versatility and never ending possibilities. Susan creates both functional and non-functional wares, often  inspired by her many travels. Her decorative style is a reflection of nature and architectural motifs and her love of drawing and painting. Susan’s artwork can be found in various shops and galleries in the surrounding area and up and down the west coast of North America. She has resided on Vancouver Island since 2008 . She is an active member in the South Vancouver Island Pottery Guild and the BC Potters Guild.

Jane Wolters

Back in 1976 when my brother gave me a little jug he’d made in pottery class, a seed was planted. Over the last 4 decades I’ve been learning to make pots. For many years I made my living making pottery; now I look back and marvel at how many tons of clay passed through my hands! Sometimes when I visit my pots belonging to friends and relatives I wonder “how did I do that?”

Mostly I’ve worked in reduction fired stoneware and porcelain tableware and some sculpture including portraits, but I’ve experimented with the low-firing local mid- Vancouver Island clay, wood and salt firing, and saggar firing (which I’m still trying to master) and am in the process of developing a new line for Alabama where I’ll be spending this winter. I’m looking forward to finding out what comes next!

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