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Wildrice Studio

Wildrice Studio is the workplace of Celia Rice-Jones and Keith Rice-Jones.

Favourite studio feature? "Big window overlooking the garden (that I can tend on the way into the studio....) I love the completeness of the house, garden, kiln shed and shop all connected," says Celia.

If they're home they're open, so pay them a visit at 8072 11th Avenue in Burnaby!

Their work is also available at CCBC Crafthouse and Van Dop Gallery.

Red Boat Studio

Images credit: Darren Le Beuf

Red Boat Studio is Karole Doucette's studio ("and occasionally my husband who does some woodworking!")

Karole's favourite studio feature: "After the winter months I love to swing open the barn doors and let the sun shine (and warmth) in. All in all I'm just very grateful to have a place to work."


Located at 2035 Eastleigh Lane, North Vancouver - open most days but please email to make an appointment so you can safely browse around the studio or have your purchase wrapped to be given at a safe distance. You can also shop on the Red Boat Studio website.

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Lilac Sun Pottery

Lilac Sun Pottery is studio home to Shirley Phillips.

Shirley's favourite studio features are "the ocean and mountain view. It's a small studio, but I feel very grateful to be able to create in it," says Shirley.

Lilac Sun is open 9-6 daily all year or as posted, at 3311 Denman Rd, Denman Island, B.C.


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Niki Holmes Ceramics

Niki Holmes works in a shared studio with her best friend Melissa.

Her favourite studio feature is "the new roof and skylight that we installed ourselves :-)"!

The studio is open by appointment, at 715 Vernon Drive, Vancouver.

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Marshall-Inman Gallery and Studios

Marshall-Inman Gallery and Studios is the home of Glenys Marshall-Inman's ceramics and Basil Marshall-Inman's woodworking.

"We live remotely on a small llama farm overlooking the Juan de Fuca Strait on the SW coast of Vancouver Island. The most loved pieces of equipment in the studio are my old wooden Leach kick wheel and the wood burning stove, especially in winter! A huge asset is having our Gallery attached to the studios. This allows us to meet personally with customers and supporters. We sell exclusively through the Gallery."

During Covid19 we are only OPEN 12-4 Friday, Saturday and Sunday or by appointment @ 250 642 5555.

4568 Otter Point Road, Gordons Beach, Sooke BC

Here's a bonus studio tip from Glenys!

"Cut old towels into 1' squares. So simple to wash at the end of the day and you always have lots of clean ones ready to use."

Svelte Ceramics

Svelte Ceramics is the studio of Cynthia Chung, in Coquitlam, BC.

Cynthia says, "I love to do the wheel throwing in my studio seeing my fenced backyard, with my two cats going out there playing sometimes." Svelte Ceramics is open by appointment and offers classes and commissions - visit website for details.

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